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Charitable Choice helps turn small donations into big impact.


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With more than 7,000 registered charities in Hong Kong, it’s almost impossible to make an informed decision about which ones to support.

Typically, donations to charity had been made via cheque payments in the post, or via monthly credit card deductions. There was never an easy, interactive, online platform through which to support charities.

Few in the charity space were harnessing the potentially significant impact of aggregating small donations.

Charitable gifting in Hong Kong was never interactive and the recipient of the gift rarely had a choice as to which cause their gift could support.

Our Mission

Charitable Choice is Hong Kong’s first and only digital aggregator of small donations towards creating big social impact. Created as a “We Love Hong Kong” project, Charitable Choice provides an online platform that makes giving to charity simple, fun and interactive.

We put the “choice” back into Charitable Gifting. For example, I make a donation on the Charitable Choice platform to celebrate your birthday (or for any other feel-good reason) and YOU get to choose which charity that donation supports.

We partner with over 40 vetted (we visit each and every one!) charities that are making a positive impact in Hong Kong – facilitating users to make informed choices on which causes to support. Moreover, Charitable Choice is itself a registered charity.

Our platform offers:
1) a one stop shop to donate to multiple charities
2) charity gift cards that can be used as personal or corporate gifts
3) a fundraising platform where individuals and families can raise money for their favourite charities.

We love empowering the next generation of charitable givers!

Our journey so far

Charitable Choice was created for no other reason than our love for Hong Kong and we wanted to help give back by providing resources to charities that help Hong Kong thrive.

Since our launch in 2011, Charitable Choice has raised over $3 million HKD to support local charities.

Small donations from our donors has made a massive impact. Donors on our platform have funded:
- tutorial classes for over 8, 000 underprivileged children through Changing Young Lives and SoCo
- over 34,000 meals for needy people through Feeding Hong Kong
- 1000+ books for low income communities through Bring Me A Book
- rabies shots for 700 abandoned dogs through Hong Kong Dog Rescue.

Our biggest achievement

There are too many ! We can’t pick one!

Visit our website and get inspired by our videos at

Why you should donate your skills to us

Can you answer yes to the following questions?
1) Are you a fan of Hong Kong?
2) Do you want to help support the work of 40+ grassroots charities that make a big difference locally?

If so, then join us. Use your skills to help us make giving to multiple high impact charities easy and hassle free.

Our Recent Projects

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Copywrite to review a blogpost live


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