Dear Hong Kong

Dear Hong Kong

Dear Hong Kong, is a book about Hongkongers from 150 countries.


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Arts & Culture, Community, Diversity & Inclusion , Education, Environment, Gender Equality, LGBTQI, Social Equality


Hong Kong is "Asia's World City". Yet despite our multiculturalism - different communities in Hong Kong can feel kind of siloed. We want to bridge the gap between locals and those who are perceived to be non-locals in Hong Kong.

Our Mission

We exist to showcase and bring awareness of Hong Kong's cultural diversity through art and inspiring stories. We aim to increase respect and inclusion to individuals who are not perceived to be locals by many in society. If we are successful our project will result in a positive feeling of belonging and unity through society.

Our journey so far

We are a heart project, that:
- started in 2014 as a way to solve a social problem, which was very much related to Oskar’s core values
- conducted its first interviews in 2015. We use visual arts as storytelling
- got a new CoFounder, Aggie in 2018. Together Oskar and Aggie start building the concept and processes for Dear Hong Kong.
- welcomed Bradley as the main photographer in 2019. As a team, we conduct the first interviews and photoshoots.

Our biggest achievement

We have 2 things that we are especially proud of:

1) Inspiring people to get passionate about unity in Hong Kong and to join the project. Although we always want to be respectful of volunteers' time, it gave us a thrill each time a volunteer suggested getting more deeply involved in our project.

2) Breaking a lot of stereotypes that people have about different nationalities.

Why you should donate your skills to us

The issue of unity is really topical in Hong Kong at present.

You might love working with us if you:

1) Want to join an experienced team of individuals, who are very passionate about the work they do

2) Would like to help co-create a unique book about one of the positive sides of the city we love. It's really fun to make things.

3) Want to meet and be inspired by a very large network of really remarkable people, from a large variety of interesting backgrounds

Our Recent Projects

Interviewer for Short Profiles

By interviewing inspiring Hong Kongers who come from all corners of the globe, you can help us to promote our...


30 hours

Start Date

01 Feb 2020


A Researcher to identify Interview Subjects

A researcher to help us identify inspiring Hong Kong residents from all corners of the globe, who have somehow...


30 hours

Start Date

24 Jan 2020