Digital Marketer to advise on Media Buying

Crossroads Foundation

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Application Deadline

16 Jan 2020

Start Date

16 Jan 2020

End Date

30 Jan 2020

Project Type



Community, Diversity & Inclusion , Education, Poverty Alleviation, Social Equality




Opportunity to give back

Consultant to review proposals and give advice on media buying.

The project involves:
1. A briefing with the organisation to understand the service being advertised and the different types of media buying involved
2. Attendance at the pitch sessions for marketing strategies for creative agencies
3. Assisting the charity to select the most appropriate type of advertising for the product

Information on hand

We have:
1. Information about our new service, and target audience
2. Clear goals for what we hope our promotion will achieve
3. Budget for promotion

Additional skills required

Outcome for the organization

We have spent a long time creating an amazing new app that will help get more of Hong Kong's surplus goods into the hands of underprivileged people who need them the most. By helping us to promote this app to the public, you will contributing to the alleviation living situations in Hong Kong.

You will like this if you are

Experienced, Insightful and Passionate about alleviating poverty.

Project Manager

Nokia Cheung Nokia Cheung

Three words to describe Nokia Cheung

Outgoing, Passionate and Pleasant

Fun Fact About the Project Manager

I bet you can't guess the meaning behind my name? My name is Nokia because "Nokia" connects people.

About the organisation

Crossroads Foundation

Crossroads Foundation

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Community, Diversity & Inclusion , Education, Poverty Alleviation, Social Equality

Our Mission

We are helping to eliminate global poverty and increase empathy by bridging the gap between people with resources and those who need them.
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