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AiryPack Company Ltd

" Can your graphic design eye give us ideas to create a great Kickstarter campaign layout?"



Application Deadline

11 Jul 2020

Start Date

13 Jul 2020

End Date

24 Jul 2020

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Environment, Innovation


Graphic Design



Opportunity to give back

We are crowdfunding a line of sustainable notebooks and we are on the home stretch.

We are crowdfunding an sustainable notebook. We have all the information that we need to get started but we need a review of our design elements and to put together layout from which we can create our crowdfunding page.

The project involves:
1) A 1 hour briefing with AiryPack to understand the project, review any information and ask any questions

2) Review of Airy Pack's design elements including photographs, iconset and suggest 3x themes for a Kickstarter page layout.

3) Create kickstarter page layout (please note you do not need to create the page on kickstarter) with 3 revisions

4) May require up to 3 icons to be drawn in a style that matches the others with 2 revision.

5) A 1 hour final debrief with AiryPack if necessary

Information on hand

This page layout is the last step before we are ready to launch our kickstarter campaign.

We have:
1) Products for the campaign
2) Branding information
3) Photographs
4) An original icon set
5) All the content for a kickstarter campaign page.

Additional skills required

Outcome for the organization

We have really over prepared a bit for this Kickstarter campaign. It has been a couple of years since we started developing the product, and we have everything ready to go.

By helping us to create some great graphic design for this kickstarter page, you will be helping to push us towards executing a great campaign. If successful, we will use it as evidence of demand from consumers for products made with technologies that are friendly to the environment.

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Timothy Yan Timothy Yan

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Passionate, Pragmatic and Friendly

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I'm the only member of my family who likes to eat durian.

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AiryPack Company Ltd

AiryPack Company Ltd

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Environment, Innovation

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We hope to do our part in saving our planet by helping to reduce the carbon emissions generated by unnecessary paper packaging.

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