Graphic Designer to redesign a fundraising brochure

Christian Action - Centre for Refugees

"Can your graphic design talents help to engage public to support Hong Kong's refugees and asylum seekers? "



Application Deadline

24 Jul 2020

Start Date

28 Jul 2020

End Date

21 Aug 2020

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Community, Diversity & Inclusion , Health & Wellbeing, Poverty Alleviation, Social Equality


Graphic Design



Opportunity to give back

Fifteen-year-old Roshan fled his homeland after rebels tried to forcibly recruit him. When he arrived in Hong Kong in 2009, he knocked on the door of the Christian Action's Centre for Refugees. Now, Roshan is a a senior IT Lead in a global organization. Our Centre recognized Roshan’s talent and then helped him to receive the good education necessary to achieve his dreams. We sent him to coding classes and prepared him for studying abroad. From the outside, Roshan’s case looks like a miracle but it’s a miracle that we can replicate using the power of education.

Christian Action wants to redesign its fundraising flyer, so we can support successful educational outcomes for more asylum seekers like Roshan.

This project involves:
1) A briefing session with Christian Action to better understand their fundraising programme and the purpose of the brochure,

2) Creation of up to 3 different layout themes

3) Layout of the brochure on the chosen theme with up to 3 revisions, and

4) Presentation of the outputs in a wrap-up session with Christian Action.

Information on hand

We have:
1) an existing fundraising flyer
2) brand guidelines
3) an image bank
4) description of our target audience.

Additional skills required

Outcome for the organization

By helping us to design our fundraising flyer, you will be directly contributing to the Centre for Refugee’s efforts to raise money to support the education and well-being of refugees and asylum seekers.

We are hoping to create a lot more miracles and your work will be a key resource to help us do this.

You will like this if you are

You are creative, curious, and care about unlocking the potential of others.

Project Manager

Mary Ho Mary Ho

Three words to describe Mary Ho

Optimistic, Kind, Sporty

Fun Fact About the Project Manager

I'm the youngest of 12 kids!

About the organisation

Christian Action - Centre for Refugees

Christian Action - Centre for Refugees

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Community, Diversity & Inclusion , Education, Health & Wellbeing, Poverty Alleviation, Social Equality

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We create an inclusive community for refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong. Regardless of age, gender, nationality or religion, we believ... › read more