Crossroads Foundation

We are helping to eliminate global poverty and increase empathy by bridging the gap between people with resources and those who need them. ... › read more

A Gift of GENUS

We want to level the playing field and provide high quality educational materials to underprivileged children in Asia. Currently, we off... › read more

Resolve Foundation

We envision an inclusive Hong Kong where every voice has a say in its future and every person has the power to bring positive change to thei... › read more


Happeriod is a 1-stop platform that offers education and menstrual products where women can make positive and confident choices about their ... › read more

HELP for Domestic Workers

We offer free help, advice and legal protection to foreign domestic workers to empower them to seek the justice they deserve.... › read more

Justice Centre

We envision Hong Kong as a fair and inclusive society where even the most marginalised enjoy fundamental rights and access to justice. We... › read more

Time Auction

We hope to encourage people to give back to the society by providing inspiring rewards.... › read more

Dear Hong Kong

We exist to showcase and bring awareness of Hong Kong's cultural diversity through art and inspiring stories. We aim to increase respect and... › read more

Women in Sports Empowered HK (“WISE HK”)

At WISE HK, we hope to promote not just the benefits of sports, but also the joy and pleasures that sport brings to us. We hope we can inspi... › read more

Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs Limited

Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is the first bilingual non-profit platform in Hong Kong. We aim to: (i) educate life long skill of entreprene... › read more

Rooftop Republic Urban Farming

Our mission is to achieve a sustainable food eco-system through urban farming.... › read more

The Good Growth Co.

The Good Growth brings in external experts to work with EA organization to eliminate key bottlenecks while they can focus on their core impa... › read more

Sustainable Finance initiative

Our vision is to create a world where sustainability is synonymous with finance. Our mission is to mobilise capital for positive impact and ... › read more

Charitable Choice

Charitable Choice is Hong Kong’s first and only digital aggregator of small donations towards creating big social impact. Created as a “We ... › read more

Plastic Free Seas

Our mission is to have clean beaches in Hong Kong and to reduce the scourge of plastic pollution. ... › read more

Social Entrepreneurs Meetup Community

The Social Entrepreneurs Meetup Community is a platform dedicated to connecting social innovators and supporters to join forces for tackling... › read more

Hong Kong Shifts

To increase awareness and dialogue between different social groups living in our city, and promote solidarity between shift works and corpor... › read more

Eldpathy Co Ltd

We exist to bridge the gap between generations to create an age friendly and empathetic city. We do this by: 1. providing a unique s... › read more

Open Data Hong Kong

Open Data Hong Kong exists to 1) raise understanding and engagement about Open Data in Hong Kong and elsewhere 2) Advocate and push for a... › read more


We exist to help charities and social enterprises in Asia access the professional skills they need to achieve their environmental and social... › read more

Sunbeam Children's Foundation Limited

To provide our children with a happy home, all-round healthcare and a good education. Our mission is also to enable them to move on to an in... › read more

The Wandering Voice

We believe that everyone in society deserves opportunities to make the most of themselves, irrespective of their backgrounds. We want to con... › read more


Our mission is to make future-ready education opportunities accessible to all and empower students (especially the financially underprivileg... › read more

Mind HK

We have big ambitions to change the way that Hong Kongers engage with mental health and to use best practice developed here to lead the conv... › read more