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AiryPack Company Ltd

Innovative sustainable paper packaging for socially responsible brands.


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Have you ever stopped and thought about just how of your waste is packaging? AiryPack wants to tackle the problem of carbon waste generated by excessive packaging from non recyclable materials.

Our Mission

We hope to do our part in saving our planet by helping to reduce the carbon emissions generated by unnecessary paper packaging.

Our social enterprise does this though smart patented design and technology - so we use less paper to make gorgeous recyclable packaging.

Our journey so far

We are literally a family company, started by a father and son team using innovation to revolutionise the paper packaging industry.

Our story is about the marriage of science, marketing and sustainability. In our quest to develop lighter paper packaging that uses fewer resources - we developed a patented technology for ultra strong paper products that weigh up to 20% less than conventional options.

Along the way, we met some wonderful brands who want to save the planet as much as we do and who know that more sustainable packaging is the future moving forward.

However, we encountered some resistance from larger organizations who resist changes to heavy and resource intensive business-as-usual approach to packaging.

We are moving from making paper packaging for B2B market. Instead we are marketing more sustainable paper products in the B2C market.

We are looking forward to giving consumers what they want directly and proving to larger players that demand for sustainable packaging is the way of the future.

Our biggest achievement

Once we started to think about what was possible with more sustainable packaging - the sky was the limit. In addition to moving towards consumer products that use more sustainable paper packaging, we have also begun to develop sustainable versions of products, which are conventionally made using materials other than paper.

Why you should donate your skills to us

We are a small startup looking to make a difference in our carbon footprint using our innovative technology to revolutionize certain paper packaging and paper products. We currently lack members in the creative arts, which is vital for the creation of marketing materials which is why we need your help.

Our Recent Projects

Graphic Designer to create Kickstarter Page Layout

We are crowdfunding a line of sustainable notebooks and we are on the home stretch.

We are crowdfunding an...


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13 Jul 2020