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Dream Impact

Hong Kong's Largest Network of Social Enterprises and Impact Ventures


Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong

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All of us create some kind of impact (be it positive or negative) through our actions and decisions.

Sometimes it can seem that our individual efforts to create impact are swamped by the scale of the tricky social and environmental problems that surround us.

We think that together we can do a lot.

We are creating a purpose driven ecosystem, where everyone can be part of this world changing movement and we scale and develop positive social impact through advocacy, bridging of resources and strategic philosophy.

Our Mission

We want to create a society where everyone is conscious of the work that they do, the things they buy and the values they advocate.

We support individuals, social enterprises and companies to create positive impact by:

1. Creating a vibrant community of social innovators

2. Offering Impact Solutions and Consultation for organisations that are new to the social impact scene but are eager to contribute to Hong Kong's growing ecosystem.

3. Coordinating Impact Capital Services to help scale up social impact companies.

Our journey so far

It's purpose that brought us together.....

The Dream Impact started its life as a commercial warehouse. However, in 2017 Mr YS Lam and his daughter Dorothy Lam, developed a bigger vision for the space. They wanted to create a vehicle for greater impact, by attracting innovators, entrepreneurs and creators.

Together with longtime friends and partners, the founders of Dream Impact created a social innovation hub that connects individuals, social enterprises, companies and impact capital.

Our biggest achievement

We have 155+ social sector partners and counting.

Why you should donate your skills to us

Dream Impact is unlike any network that seeks to create positive impact.

Our mission to create positive social change is based on the understanding that our decisions and actions are driven by our consciousness.

This philosophy underpins every action that we take.

By joining us you will get a first hand look at how becoming more conscious influences how we create positive impact.

You will also contribute to the building the largest network of social enterprises and venture partners devoted to creating positive impact.

Our Recent Projects

Market Researcher to identify Ideal Clients

We are committed to helping listed companies better fulfil their ESG commitments and make real impact beyond simply...


20 hours

Start Date

01 Nov 2022


A Market Researcher to find Treeplanting Partners

We are looking for a market researcher to create a list of 10 possible partners for corporate tree-planting...


15 hours

Start Date

05 Aug 2022


Marketer to Collect Partner Testimonials - August 2022

We are looking for a marketer to help us gather and write some short customer testimonials.

The project involves: ...


30 hours

Start Date

12 Aug 2022