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Eldpathy Co Ltd

Eldpathy offers "elderly simulation programs" to nurture people’s empathy towards the elderly and build an age-friendly Hong Kong.


Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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We will all grow old. However, the biggest challenge confronting the elderly in Hong Kong is that the rest of society may not have much imagination or empathy around the process of aging.

As a result the specific challenges that the elderly face in our society, include:
1. Lack of public understanding towards the elderly, and what experience of being elderly is really like,

2. Lack of opportunities for elderly to use their skills and talents to contribute to society; and

3. Lack of elderly friendly policies, services and infrastructure.

Our Mission

We exist to bridge the gap between generations to create an age friendly and empathetic city.

We do this by:
1. providing a unique simulation program to nurture empathy towards elderly.
2. Empowering elderly by offering them the opportunity to share their knowlege as instructors and promoting elderly employment
3. Advocating for better living environments for the elderly

Our journey so far

Inspired by our own experiences with our grandparents, we developed "simulations of elderly experience" to generate more compassion for the elderly.

Since that time, we have worked steadily to achieve our goal. We have:
- organised over 500 simulation programs
- served over 30,000 participants
- trained more than 30 elderly instructors

We were the champions of the 2012 Social Enterprise Challenge and were recognised in the 2018 Hong Kong Youth Service Award.

Our biggest achievement

Our work in helping people to empathise with the experience of being elderly has resulted in real change that can improve the lives of the elderly.

A highlight for us is when our elderly simulation training inspired a listed fast food restaurant chain to implement elderly friendly services. These included really practical initiatives such as changes to their food delivery service, bigger font size in the menu and barrier free design, etc.

Why you should donate your skills to us

By working with us, your work will support us to promote empathy in a divided and ageing world.

On an individual level, you will have a great experience as you will be able to:
1) meet a group of energetic elderly instructors who will challenge all your preconceptions about what the elderly can do, and
2) experience an innovative ageing simulation, where you will have a first hand experience of what it means to be elderly.

Our Recent Projects

Marketer to design a Marketing Strategy

Eldpathy has been cultivating empathy and helping Hong Kongers understand the challenges of older citizens since...


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17 Apr 2020