Foundation for Shared Impact (FSI)

Foundation for Shared Impact (FSI)

Helping high-impact organizations reach their full potential, resolve bottlenecks, maximize resources, and scale their social impact.


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Community, Diversity & Inclusion , Education, Elderly, Environment, Gender Equality, Innovation, Poverty Alleviation, Social Equality, Social Sector Supporters, Youth


Social entrepreneurs face a range of common challenges when creating solutions to common social and environmental challenges, that will benefit all of us.

These include: access to funding, navigating "silos" within the social sector and accessing the right expertise (from the commercial and social sectors) to grow and scale their organisations.

The Foundation for Shared Impact is committed to helping social entrepreneurs overcome these barriers and to helping social entrepreneurs to efficiently and sustainably scale their impact.

Our Mission

We exist to solve society’s most challenging problems through community building and sharing resources.

Our journey so far

Founded in 2018, FSI is a fast moving startup with a small team. We work with different commercial and social sector stakeholders to drive systemic change.

We take a structure-agnostic approach to support social businesses. So far we have helped social entrepreneurs tackle issues such as human trafficking, poverty, waste pollution, social exclusion, inequitable access to education, mental health, ageism at work, and many more.

Our biggest achievement

The founding of FSI !

Namely, that we were able to realise our vision to use share resources to overcome structural barriers to collaboration in the social sector.
We have created an ecosystem of collaboration that attracts people and organziations who share out vision for driving systemic change.

Why you should donate your skills to us

At FSI, we fight against social inequality and environmental degradation, whilst fighting for human rights and dignity.

We believe that collaboration and freely shared knowledge and information are key to driving collective social impact. By donating your skills to us, you will help our message of collaboration reach many more social entrepreneurs and potential collaborators within the commercial and social sectors.

Our Recent Projects

Marketer to create a Marketing Strategy

We are looking to create a coordinated approach to our marketing and make a general marketing strategy for FSI



20 hours

Start Date

03 Sep 2020