GREEN Hospitality (Soap Cycling Limited)

GREEN Hospitality (Soap Cycling Limited)

Changemakers in the sustainability landscape of the hospitality industry.


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We think that the hospitality industry has a bigger role to play in creating a more sustainable planet.

We want to address issues related to the sustainability performance of the hospitality industry.

Our areas of focus include greenhouse gasses, waste, environmental protection, observation of human rights and social wellbeing and governance issues.

Our Mission

We exist to turn the hospitality industry into a catalyst for sustainability.

We do this by conducting advance research and incubating innovation. We also foster activities that support the hospitality industry to take actions, which will lead to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our journey so far

GREEN Hospitality is an organic extension of the activities of Soap Cycling Limited, which was founded in 2012 by HKU students.

Conversations with our hotel connections through Soap Cycling, showed us that there were opportunities to engage in a wider conversation about sustainability beyond soap recycling.

Since 2018, when GREEN Hospitality was created to tackle greater sustainability challenges in hotels, we have moved quickly. Our major milestones include:

April 2019: flagship conference with 150 leaders in the audience

June 2019: creation of advisory committee including representatives of major international hotel players Hilton, Sands China, Shangri-La, and Langham Hotels.

November 2019: hosting a sold out flagship innovation event focusing on solution building for the hospitality industry

2020 so far: growing our stakeholders to include representatives of the F&B and aviation industries

September 2020 (expected): 2nd edition of the GREEN Hospitality Conference - All About Waste

Our biggest achievement

We are particularly proud of our flagship conference which took place in April 2019. It was very well received by key industry stakeholders and led to the development of further activities to transform the industry.

Why you should donate your skills to us

There are loads of reasons you should give your time to us. However, 2 reasons in particular stand out:

1. We are effective. Our approach is action based, yet we are very strategic. Our actions are underpinned by empirical research.

2. We are driven by a passion for travel and sustainability. We are a diverse group of professionals and students who are driven by a common commitment to a more sustainable travel industry.

Our Recent Projects

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