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We don't necessarily need more stuff, just better stuff.

We are big believers in the goodness of people and the power of individuals to support society. We think that more people would support local businesses to alleviate social or environmental challenges, if they knew where to purchase quality socially conscious products without messing around.

On the other side, social enterprises in HK have challenges in finding an audience marketing their goods. In the current environment where funding is challenging for charities, we are always looking for innovative solutions to fundraise.

Our Mission

We want to spread a little HAAPiness through our community.

Namely, we exist to help HK based social enterprises to market their products and to raise funds for HK charities that support causes that matter to our city.

Our journey so far

HAAP is a really new initiative, started in 2021.

In our perfect world, we would all shop sparingly for high quality products. We would also educate ourselves about social issues, eat our vegetables, meditate and exercise regularly.

In our imperfect world - we understand that there are times that we will still shop for ourselves and for gifts. We also understand that everybody engages with social issues differently. So we thought that if we are going to consume, why not curate boxes of beautiful products that support local social enterprises?

We offer 2x types of gift boxes:
1) curated gift boxes of socially conscious products
2) an impact box which supports charities and social enterprises through a mix of education, experiences and social enterprise products. We aim to give people loads of entry points to engaging with social issues and learning about different actors in the sector.

Our biggest achievement

We are really proud to build on the success of Spark'n'Shop and provide specially curated socially conscious gift boxes.

Why you should donate your skills to us

We love a bit of beauty and creativity. We really value collaborations and love to showcase local products, heroes, talents and art.

If you choose to work with us, you will be supporting local business to market their products. You will also be helping us empower consumers to learn about and connect better with causes they care about.

And of course, if you are an artist, we will love to see how we could feature you in our collaborations.

Our Recent Projects

Graphic designer to create SDG illustration

We are launching the HAAP Impact Box, which aims to educate the public on social and environmental issues, showcase...


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01 Sep 2021