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The problem…is not periods. The problem is how little we think about our bodies and our choices.

Over 50% of Hong Kong’s population will have the experience of menstruation on a monthly basis. However, at school and at home, parents, teachers and young people are embarrassed to speak about menstruation and feel that periods are something shameful.

For those that can afford them, tampons and plastic pads are expensive monthly necessities. Yet these products can also be costly to the environment as they may take from 500-800 years to degrade in landfill. Plastic pads and tampons may not be comfortable for women who want to enjoy freedom of movement and there are other options.

The problem is not periods. The problem is that women shouldn’t feel ashamed of menstruation or be limited in the choices they make for their own bodies.

Our Mission

Happeriod is a 1-stop platform that offers education and menstrual products where women can make positive and confident choices about their periods for themselves.

By providing a space to speak about menstruation, Happeriod encourages women to embark on a journey of self discovery to learn more about and love their bodies.

Our journey so far

Happeriod was inspired by simple cloth pad workshops to empower underprivileged women in Tin Shui Wai.

We realised that body autonomy is an issue for all people and not just underprivileged women.

Happeriod has now been educating women in Hong Kong about menstruation and body autonomy through online and offline workshops for the past 5 years. We have developed and crowdfunded an educational toolkit for parents and teachers which we distributed free to schools and charities.

We now operate the largest menstrual products store in Hong Kong.

Our biggest achievement

We instigated Free Periods Hong Kong, an initiative which seeks to eliminate period poverty. We provide education and donate sustainable menstrual products to girls in need in Hong Kong.

Why you should donate your skills to us

Menstruation affects everyone. You menstruate or you have family members/colleagues/schoolmates or lovers who menstruate. By helping Happeriod you will be supporting us to spread the message that everyone has a place in the period positive movement and encouraging body autonomy.

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