Hong Kong Shifts

Hong Kong Shifts

Visual storytelling project featuring Hong Kong's unsung heroes - day and night shift workers helping us around the clock but often discreetly in the background


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Arts & Culture, Community, Diversity & Inclusion , Education, Social Equality


Hong Kong is a socially segregated city with huge gaps between various socio-economic groups. Our goal is to bring different strata of our community closer together through visual storytelling.

Our Mission

To increase awareness and dialogue between different social groups living in our city, and promote solidarity between shift works and corporate Hong Kong; to celebrate the diverse and colourful voices of multi-faceted Hong Kong and its inhabitants; and to spark debate and encourage positive interactions, cohesion and meaningful dialogue within our living communities.

Our journey so far

We are a couple of professionals and social entrepreneurs who really wanted to do our part to break down some of the silos in society.

Each week, we interview Hong Kong shift workers and share their stories on social media platforms. We feature Hong Kongers from all genders and ages regardless of social, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. These are the unsung heroes who play a key role in our communities but who we too often take for granted or ignore in our busy lives.

So far, we have completed about 25 interviews and stories and have displayed our work at an exhibition at the Lamma Art Collective.

The project has plenty of potential for growth and development. We are currently working on partnering with private spaces, corporates, the media and publishers to display our stories and raise awareness. We also plan to use public spaces to engage with the general public and spark a wider debate by contributing to innovative social inclusion and community initiatives. Hong Kong Shifts is not yet registered as a charity or company.

Our biggest achievement

Our biggest achievement is witnessing how our work and stories have raised awareness within our community and brought people a little closer together. We have received such positive and heartwarming feedback on this project from the wider Hong Kong community, which has inspired us to continue to grow the project.

Why you should donate your skills to us

Hong Kong Shifts is a positive and inclusive initiative with lots of exciting projects in the pipeline - definitely something creative, meaningful and fun to get involved in!

Our Recent Projects

A translator / copywriter to create written Cantonese language profiles

We are seeking a translator and copywriter to translate 450 word English stories about shift workers into written...


25 hours

Start Date

19 Feb 2020