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There are 13,000 refugees, asylum seekers and torture victims seeking protection in Hong Kong.

Imagine fleeing from persecution to Hong Kong, only to find yourself caught up in an administrative process where it usually takes years for protection claims to be evaluated. Imagine trying to navigate this highly technical, legal process in second language with minimal resources. Then imagine doing this, as you and your family try to integrate into a new society, process past trauma and plan for an uncertain future.

The Justice Centre wants to provide forced migrants with the legal and psycho-social support they need to navigate the protection process. We want to assist forced migrants to have the best chance to present their stories and access a fair hearing as their claims are evaluated.

The problem we are trying to solve is access to justice.

Our Mission

We envision Hong Kong as a fair and inclusive society where even the most marginalised enjoy fundamental rights and access to justice.

We enable our clients to access their rights through legal and psychosocial support, policy, advocacy and research. We strive to strengthen the rule of law in Hong Kong.

The Clients we offer our services to and advocate on behalf of are:

Asylum seekers
Victims of torture which includes Hong Kong residents
Victims of human trafficking including internally trafficked individuals
Victims of forced labour

Our journey so far

12 years ago, we began as a Refugee Legal Centre. Today, we are a human rights organisation that recognises that helping people access justice is more than just a legal process. In addition to matching forced migrants with pro bono legal advice, we also conduct advocacy and policy research. We have also expanded our direct assistance programme to include psycho-social programmes to support our clients as they navigate the legal process.

Our biggest achievement

1/3 of individuals who are recognised as refugees or torture victims are the Justice Centre's clients.

Why you should donate your skills to us

The issue of access to justice for forced migrants is a complex issue in Hong Kong. However, as an organisation we believe that to do what's right, we need to do what's necessary. We take the hardest cases, and work tirelessly so that unrepresented forced migrants have a fighting chance at accessing justice.

If you support us, you will literally be freeing up our lawyers and social welfare advisor to change lives.

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