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According to the 2018 Doing Good Index, published by the Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society, 74% of charities surveyed have trouble recruiting skilled staff and 71% of these organisations have trouble retaining skilled staff.

The implication is that there are massive skills gaps in the social sector.

LocalMotion's own research indicates that a lack of skills hampers charities and social enterprises abilities to achieve their social and environmental missions.

Our Mission

We exist to help charities and social enterprises in Asia access the professional skills they need to achieve their environmental and social missions.

We give professionals the opportunity to live more meaningful lives by donating their skills charities and social enterprises.

LocalMotion is a skills based volunteering platform that offers short term skilled projects that take between 10 to 30 hours to complete.

Our journey so far

LocalMotion was started by a marketer and a lawyer, who wanted to give their skills back but found it difficult to do so in their corporate jobs. When LocalMotion's CoFounders moved to the social sector, they found that staff in charities and social enterprises were often overstretched. Social and environmental organisations needed skills and coincidentally, they needed the very same skills that other professionals possessed.

LocalMotion's CoFounders, quit their jobs, did 6 months of market research into skills based volunteering to create a solution that would make the most impact for charities and social enterprises and the best experience for volunteers. They created an MVP, joined the Science Park. In 2018 they took over and adapted Instant Karma's volunteering platform in 2018 to make their solution scalable - so as to bring the most skilled assistance to charities and social enterprises and the most joy to volunteers.

Our biggest achievement

This makes us laugh. The biggest achievements we have are really tiny - happy charities and social enterprises and satisfied volunteers. And of course, building a tech company without any prior experience in the sector.

Why you should donate your skills to us

We have done a lot of research into what makes a great volunteering experience. We only offer really useful projects, so you can be sure that everything you do will help to move us forward.

Our Recent Projects

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We are looking to create a 5 page website for our client’s new social enterprise on Squarespace. This

The project...


20 hours

Start Date

13 Oct 2020


Marketer to conduct a short market research piece on the social sector

Since launching in November last year, LocalMotion has increased the number of charities, social enterprises and...


1 hours

Start Date

07 Oct 2020


Motion Graphics Designer to Create 45 sec Explainer Video

For over 4 years, LM has been trying, failing, failing up and innovating in the skills based volunteering space. We...


30 hours

Start Date

01 Sep 2021