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We are here to make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone.


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Would you be surprised to know that 1 in 10 Hong Kongers are suspected to have depression? This is the rate estimated by a Hong Kong University study conducted in 2019.

Stigma surrounding mental health in Hong Kong, and low levels of mental health literacy (knowledge and beliefs about mental disorders which aid their recognition, management or prevention) - mean that many Hong Kongers who need help may fail to get it.

Mind HK - wants to change all that. We want to make sure that no one has to mental health challenge alone.

Our Mission

We have big ambitions to change the way that Hong Kongers engage with mental health and to use best practice developed here to lead the conversation about mental health in other Asian Cities

We aim to:
1) ensure everyone in Hong Kong living with a mental health problem has the recognition, support and respect they need to make the best recovery possible.

2) provide partnership, collaboration, training, innovation and best practice to facilitate the work of all those involved in improving mental health in Hong Kong.

3) lead, promote and support the destigmatisation and transformation of community mental health care so that Hong Kong can become a global leader in the field and a model for other Asian cities.

5) research and audit these strategies and share them internationally.

Our journey so far

Mind HK, has its origins in an initiative from Patient Care Foundation (PCF).

In 2017, Mind HK a Hong Kong registered charity, was established in partnership with PCF and Mind UK, the UK’s largest mental health charity.

As an independent Hong Kong registered charity, Mind HK’s well-established collaboration with Mind UK is a testament to the impact that a strong partnership with common objectives and goals can achieve.

We are very proud to have continued this collaborative approach to promoting mental health literacy. Since inception, Mind HK has partnered with multiple local and international organisations to expand mental health support in Hong Kong.

Our biggest achievement

We excited to have trained over 2,800 people (and counting!) in Mental Health 101, Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health in the Workplace.

It makes us smile to be making a tangible difference by empowering others to share mental health tools within our community.

Why you should donate your skills to us

How many reasons do you want? We love working to further Mind HK's mission and we are sure that you would have a great experience working with us.

Some of the reasons we love coming to work include:
1) We are small (but fast growing) team
2) we are passionate about improving mental health awareness and destigmatising it locally,
3) We are creative and we have opportunities to get hands on with really meaningful projects
4) We are part of the solution as we support well-being during a challenging climate in Hong Kong.

Our Recent Projects

Copywriter to improve our chat app’s natural language responses

MIND HK has been working hard to help even more Hong Kongers to protect their mental and access the resources that we...


25 hours

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06 May 2020


UX designer to advise on UX improvements to our chat app

MIND HK has been working hard to help even more Hong Kongers to protect their mental and access the resources that we...


25 hours

Start Date

07 May 2020