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It is hard to transition out of poverty if you can't find any opportunities to fund your education or get relevant experience.

Many of us from economically privileged backgrounds know that there are opportunities out there and have been the recipients of scholarships ourselves.

Necessiti helps underprivileged students to access opportunity by collating scholarships in and internships 1 place so that less privileged students have access to this.

We also help employers to create more diverse workplaces by giving them access to a pool of capable and emotionally resilient talent.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make future-ready education opportunities accessible to all and empower students (especially the financially underprivileged) to thrive in tomorrow’s workforce by matching them with skill training programs and entry-level job opportunities.

Our journey so far

Necessiti was started to address the issues surrounding poverty and education which families face in Hong Kong. It is a result of challenge's that came to the attention of Jessie Huang as she volunteered in non profit organisations in Hong Kong.

Necessiti has had a few different iterations as we found the most effective way to help young people empower themselves.

However, our key focus is now 1) providing educational scholarships and 2) internships for underprivileged youth.

Our biggest achievement

When we partnered with Microsoft to offer mentorships to emotionally resilient yet underprivileged youths.

This was so thrilling for us as we were able to facilitate opportunities to amazing students, who might not otherwise be able to access this calibre of life changing mentoring programme otherwise.

Why you should donate your skills to us

We believe in the power of collaboration to spark social good.

We know that there are opportunities out there and with the right resources and right connections, we can empower people to change their own lives.

By lending our skills to us, in a very real way, you will be contributing to further opportunity for others.

Our Recent Projects

Marketer to conduct a brand audit

Necessiti has had an exciting few months. We have launched new scholarships opportunities for underprivileged youth...


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16 Apr 2020