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There are so many issues with plastic in Hong Kong. We can all see the effects of too much plastic waste on our beaches.

However, plastics are impacting the environment under the sea also. Almost 8 trillion plastic microbeads are washing into our global waterways daily from exfoliating personal care products. 17,000 microbeads enter the waterways each time one of us washes our face with these products!

Hong Kong also has issues with microfibres from clothes entering the oceans as well as very poor recycling – which means that a lot of the plastics we use end up in the sea and in our food.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have clean beaches in Hong Kong and to reduce the scourge of plastic pollution.

Our journey so far

We are charity that was started to address environmental issues in our own backyard. In 2012 Hong Kong suffered the world’s largest recorded plastic pellet spill, which had a huge (and continuing) impact on our environment. Since then we have maintained a small team to create an outsized impact, using art, science, and experiences to get Hong Kongers, to be mindful of the effects of our behaviour on the sea and rethink our use of plastic.

We provide many educational seminars to schools to educated the next generation about responsible consumption and disposal of plastics.

Our biggest achievement

We created a classroom at sea onboard a converted ex-fishing trawler. The PFS classroom ran for 2.5 years and exposed students to the beauty of HK, whilst educating them on plastic marine pollution, surface sea trawling and data analysis.

We have moved onto other things, but look at this programme fondly.

Why you should donate your skills to us

Plastics in the seas is an issue that we don’t see but which affects us all. When plastic ends up in our waters, it also ends up in our food chain and we consume toxic and non toxic plastic through fish. We have a great opportunity to change what Hong Kongers think about how we act and consume, and we would love for you to join us.

Our Recent Projects

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