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By 2050, one in 6 people in the world will be over 65. Within 15-20 years, our aging population will double in size.

However, as a society we have not put enough resources to support our seniors as they age. There are many seniors who retain their mental faculties and upper body strength, but become unsteady on their feet.

At present seniors who lose strength in their lower bodies have 3 options: try to manage their disability and resulting decline in their quality of life themselves, ask a caregiver (a family member or a professional) to support them at home, or go directly to a nursing home.

Stroke victims also find themselves in the similar dilemma, where there is no middle option for support which allows them to retain their independence.

There are very few options available to help people overcome limitations to mobility in their lower limbs so they can age in their own homes.

Our Mission

SenianAI exists to enable seniors age 65 and older to preserve their lifestyle and stay at home as they age.

We use AI and new technology to help persons who have lost mobility in their lower limbs to reclaim their sense of self worth, independence and dignity.

We hope that in addition to installing electronic ramps and providing AI powered robotic chairs, we will do our small bit to provide happiness to seniors as they live their lives in comfort in their own homes.

Our journey so far

SenianAI is a very personal journey for us. One of our CoFounders, a successful architect based in Taiwan, returned to Hong Kong to care for his ageing mother who suffered from ALS or Lou Gherig's disease. This disease causes the death of neutrons controlling voluntary muscles, and our CoFounder's mother's muscles became progressively weaker over time. Our CoFounder experienced first hand the lack of options for helping persons with impaired mobility to stay in their own homes and retain their independence and dignity.

He began the project 3 years ago to create the first robotic chair for his mother. This prototype underwent user testing with different NGOs and seniors and the results were promising that this innovation could help seniors retain their self reliance as they aged in place.

He formed SenianAI to introduce AI functions to the robotic chair which will have features to detect falls.

The prototype of the AI powered robotic chair will be available early October 2020 for another round of user trials and feedback. Pending the results of those trials, we would love to mass produce our AI powered robotic chair to give the gift of self reliance to those who need it most.

Our biggest achievement

We have had so much support from people who care about the ageing population. We received an R&D grant from The Ronald and Rita McAulay Foundation (The Kadoorie family) and have also become a member of the Nvidia Inception Program.

We feel privileged to be developing technology that helps families, like our CoFounders', to give a better quality of life to those they love the most. We have been very proud to donate 20 electronic ramps to community organisations, who need a little extra help to modify homes so they are suitable for seniors.

Why you should donate your skills to us

We have put all of our money, time and efforts into building a world class prototype to assist seniors age with dignity.

We are now playing a bit of catchup with respect to branding, marketing and legal matters.

We don't even have a website, a brand or a presence on social media yet!

By contributing your skills to us - you will be freeing up our resources so we can concentrate on developing more life changing AI powered robotic chairs in the hands of families that need it most.

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