Sunbeam Children's Foundation Limited

Sunbeam Children's Foundation Limited

Create brighter futures for disadvantaged & orphaned children.


Guangdong, China

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Community, Education, Poverty Alleviation, Youth


Sunbeam is here to alleviate children's poverty and help orphaned and left-behind children create a better life.

Our Mission

To provide our children with a happy home, all-round healthcare and a good education. Our mission is also to enable them to move on to an independent, successful and happy future life.

Our journey so far

Established in 1996, Sunbeam has been working to help and support disadvantaged children in Baiwan, Guangdong, China. Our orphanage was completed in 1999, making it a home to 60 children, and over the past 20 years, nearly 200 children have been cared for. We support children with tertiary studies and medical care. As at 2020, we house around 100 children and since 2005, we've provided playgroup services for nearly 30 local village children under 5 years old. Providing as much support as possible, we hope to nurture the children into independent, successful and happy adults.

Our biggest achievement

Our biggest achievement is building and running Sunbeam Village which has supported over 200 children throughout the past 20 years.

Why you should donate your skills to us

By helping us, you can get a glimpse of how a Hong Kong-registered charity runs a home in China. It would be a great opportunity to learn about our journey and how we work, as Sunbeam is a unique, HK-based charity that helps children in China. Our staff body is small but our work and operations run on voluntary activities with our group of volunteers. Volunteers can visit Sunbeam Village in Baiwan, Guangzhou, China and witness the true impact of their efforts.

Our Recent Projects

Marketer to create a social media strategy

We are seeking a social media marketer to help us create a social media strategy across Facebook, Instagram and...


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01 May 2020