The Good Growth Co.

The Good Growth Co.

We are a network of specialists helping high-impact organizations solve their bottlenecks and scale their impact


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Based on our experiences with clients and conversations with more than 20 non-profit leaders, we believe the support of business and operational expertise will help some of the world’s most impact organizations identify and implement actions and bring impactful changes for the greater good.

Our Mission

The Good Growth brings in external experts to work with EA organization to eliminate key bottlenecks while they can focus on their core impact competencies.

Our journey so far

We have previously worked with:
- Insight Robotics: user research and digital marketing for a new product launch
- The Center for Human-Compatible AI: facilitating the development of organizational strategy
- The Center for Applied Rationality: user research and digital marketing plan
- The Center for Long Term Priorities: branding and communications project
- Effective Altruism Norway: user research into operational bottlenecks
We have also authored and co-authored 3 reports looking at mapping and identifying bottlenecks in non-profit ecosystems.

Our biggest achievement

Our best work was with Insight Robotics, a social enterprise going through a business transformation and new product launch. Knowing they don’t have the expertise in-house, we helped them coordinate and interview target users, filling the gap where it’s needed. In the words of their product manager, “Good Growth is professional, passionate and creative, just reach them to work out whatever the obstacles are.”

Why you should donate your skills to us

Join us to help organizations tackle large-scale problems, from forest fires to AI safety to effective philanthropy. You can also help clients and value-aligned professionals from around the globe (e.g. UK, US, Greater China) make the world a better place!

Our Recent Projects

UX designer or Marketer to create Social Enterprise Case Studies

We are building on our last successful business design projects (for social enterprises in Hong Kong) to refine a...


20 hours

Start Date

01 Aug 2020


Marketer to create a UX case study

We are seeking a marketer to help us show NGOs and social enterprises how reimagining their user experience can help...


15 hours

Start Date

31 Mar 2020


Researcher to create a case study on "Doing Good Better'

We are seeking a researcher to find out the reasons behind the success of "Doing Good Better", a book written by...


30 hours

Start Date

01 Sep 2021