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The Wandering Voice

We want to improve upward mobility for marginalised communities especially ethnic minority youth.


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Hong Kong is an amazing city with lots of opportunities, but for ethnic minorities it can be hard to capitalise on these. We think that there is twofold problem:
1) negative stories in the press that reinforce negative stereotypes of ethnic minorities. This does no support inclusion.
2) ethnic minority youth often don't know about the types of opportunities that are out there and because of this, they may not take advantage of all the career opportunities that are open to them.

Our Mission

We believe that everyone in society deserves opportunities to make the most of themselves, irrespective of their backgrounds. We want to connect different stakeholders and create impact for marginalised communities. In particular we want promote employability and upward mobility of marginalised communities especially ethnic minority youth through innovative programs and different representation in the media.

Our journey so far

The CoFounders of the Wandering Voice, Suskihanna Gurung and Jessie Yang came together as students, in pursuit of a common mission of making a difference in society. And we have continued to work together on this, even after graduation.

We are very interested challenging the status quo for ethnic minorities. In the beginning of our organisation, we focused on empowering all kinds of ethnic minorities. However, we think that we can make the biggest difference in working with young people to encourage them to rethink what is possible for them.

We have spoken about racial discrimination and youth empowerment at the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. We have also shared our ideas at UNESCO about social entrepreneurship and how it might contribute to the upward mobility of ethnic minorities.

To date our programmes have touched the lives of over 600 people.

In the near future, we are hoping to involve more schools, organizations, and companies as we work to create social impact

Our biggest achievement

We understand how much pressure there is to follow a certain type of path that is laid out by society. We encourage young people to dream bigger for themselves and to re-examine what is possible for them. However, we also walk our talk. We have each challenged what people have thought is possible/desirable for us in our own lives by founding the Wandering Voice and in Jessie's case, by joining a startup to develop her skills.

Why you should donate your skills to us

(1) The Wandering Voice builds a series of social innovation courses to inspire ethnic minority students in their studies, employment and personal development.

We hope to help ethnic minority students increase in skills, communication, confidence, and employability. We want them to create their own social initiatives to impact more minorities. We cooperate with professionals, academics and non-profit organizations to create a unique curriculum for ethnic minority youth.

(2) Your dedication will contribute to our mission and creating social impact

(3) We value you! We enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds and we appreciate each individual to join our team and make a difference.

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