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Engage your talent to be part of a bigger story of positive social change

Your people’s skills are your most unique and valuable assets yet they are often the last things involved in community volunteering initiatives.

LocalMotion exists to help charities and social enterprises to take skilled projects off their plates.

More than 74% of charities in Asia have trouble recruiting skilled staff and 71% have difficulty retaining skilled staff (Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society (2018), "Doing Good Index 2018",

The implication of this data is that charities and social enterprises in Asia have massive skills gaps.

LocalMotion was also founded to help professionals to live more meaningful lives by contributing their skills to causes they care about.

We specialize in creating skills based volunteering projects of between 10 and 30 hours, which result in concrete deliverables for charities and social enterprises.

Some of the reasons you may consider working with us

Contribute to causes or organisations your company cares about

Projects for individuals or teams

Personalised profiles, communications, and appreciation for volunteers

Aggregated reporting with clear metrics so you can measure the total value of what your staff has contributed

To learn more about how we can help your talent use their unique skills to live more meaningful lives and be part of a bigger story of positive social change, please contact us.

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