Marketing professional to create a general marketing strategy for Dino Sea Cat board game

A Gift of GENUS

"Are you a business savvy marketer who would like to market a board game that empowers underprivileged children to learn English?"



Application Deadline

30 Nov 2019

Start Date

01 Dec 2019

End Date

31 Dec 2019

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Education, Gender Equality, Innovation, Social Equality, Youth


Marketing Strategy



Opportunity to give back

A marketing professional to complete a general marketing strategy to market a Buy 1- Give 1 initiative for the Dino Sea Cat board game, within HK. This game helps students who are non native English speakers to learn prepositions in a fun and engaging way.

This project includes:
1. A 1 hour briefing with Genus, to understand the project, play with the prototype board games, and ask any questions that you may have
2. Creation of a marketing plan to promote the buy-1-give-1 model for Dino Sea Cat board game amongst companies and higher income families
3. A 1 hour presentation of your findings to Genus in a powerpoint format.

Information on hand

1. Dino Sea Cat board game. The game uses best practice teaching methodology developed by leading educator Dr. Marian Blank, has been designed by a professional board game designer and utilises the hugely popular Dino Sea Cat character, whose cult following was spearheaded by Mercedes Benz in Malaysia.
2. Case studies of successful engagements. To date, the Dino Sea Cat Board Game has been deployed and tested with NGOs in 9 countries
3. Dino Sea Cat and Genus branding
4. Ideas of target markets within HK, including parents, companies and NGOs and details of existing collaborations and partnerships
5. Information about testing the effectiveness of the game as a teaching tool.

Additional skills required

Marketing, sales or business development experience

Outcome for the organization

Genus exists to level the playing field in education by helping disadvantaged kids gain the same kinds of high quality educational opportunities as wealthier children.

Your marketing plan will certainly help us reach out to our key stakeholders in the social sector, who can use our game for free to assist underprivileged children. However, your plan will be key in helping us to launch our Buy 1 - Give 1 initiative to corporates and higher income families.

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A team player, Visionary and Practical

Project Manager

Ivan Yong Ivan Yong

Three words to describe Ivan Yong

Optimistic, Resilient and Communicative

Fun Fact About the Project Manager

Learning new languages is my lifelong hobby - I speak 7 languages including Japanese, Korean and French.

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A Gift of GENUS

A Gift of GENUS

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Education, Gender Equality, Innovation, Social Equality, Youth

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