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Jockey Club Bright Start Project

"Can your marketing skills help us to reach out to parents?"



Application Deadline

05 Dec 2022

Start Date

05 Dec 2022

End Date

31 Dec 2022

1st Milestone

Draft Plan
12 Dec 2022

2nd Milestone

1st Revision of Graphics + Posts
16 Dec 2022

3rd Milestone

2nd Revision of Graphics + Posts
19 Dec 2022

Project Type





Graphic Design, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing


Cantonese, English

Opportunity to give back

The Jockey Club Bright Start Project is hosting a series of seminars to educate parents on developments in early childhood education - but our social media presence is very limited.

We want a marketer to help us boost our social media following and promote our latest lectures.

The Project involves:
1) Creating a strategy for social media to reach out to influencers in the early childhood space.

2) Developing a 2 week social media campaign (6 social media posts) that we can use to reach out to parents who may want to attend our lectures

Information on hand

We have:
1) A description of our target audience
2) A seminar program
3) Simple colours and branding for posts
4) A social media strategy for growing followers

Additional skills required

Outcome for the organization

By helping us to promote our lectures you will be assisting us to

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Project Manager

Yee On Cheuk Yee On Cheuk

Three words to describe Yee On Cheuk

Funny, Straightforward and Mission Driven

Fun Fact About the Project Manager

In my spare time I am an amateur theatre worker and I have a particular interest in process drama. I also have also trained as a hypnotherapist.

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Jockey Club Bright Start Project

Jockey Club Bright Start Project

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We want to develop a high-quality child-care centre (CCC) model through providing a holistic support to both child care workers and parents.... › read more