Photographer to photograph creative hands


"Can your photographs help us promote creative work?"



Application Deadline

30 Apr 2021

Start Date

01 May 2021

End Date

31 May 2021

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Social Sector Supporters





Opportunity to give back

LocalMotion has just finished our new branding and we are getting ready to launch our new marketing materials.
However, part of our guidelines includes refreshing our image bank of photographs to include pictures of hands holding creative implements.

The project involves:
1) A 1 hour briefing to meet with LocalMotion to see what would be involved

2) Agreeing on 10x photographs with LocalMotion of different types of hands holding creative implements

3) Shooting and retouching the photos as requested

4) A 1 hour debrief with LocalMotion to present your project.

Information on hand

We have everything! This includes:
1) new brand guidelines complete with samples of the types of photos that we would like to complete.

Additional skills required

Outcome for the organization

LocalMotion assists a lot of other organisations to create marketing, branding and design. However, we are a bit slow and shy about promoting ourselves.

Your photographs will help us inform and inspire other potential volunteers about what is possible when you use your creative skills to benefit the community

You will like this if you are

Creative, detail oriented and visual

Project Manager

Belinda  Poole Belinda Poole

Three words to describe Belinda Poole

Optimistic, Resilient and 'A Finisher'

Fun Fact About the Project Manager

I am a pretty haphazard traveller but I love living in different countries and experiencing other cultures. Hong Kong is destination number 6 for me!

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