Pitch Deck Creation for an Investor Deck

Rooftop Republic Urban Farming

"Are you are business development professional who can make our investor deck look beautiful?"



Application Deadline

30 Nov 2019

Start Date

01 Dec 2019

End Date

31 Dec 2019

Project Type



Community, Environment, Health & Wellbeing


Pitching and Presenting



Opportunity to give back

Donate your business development skills to Rooftop Republic to help them create their new investor deck to fund their expansion and spread the message of sustainable urban farming.

The project involves:
1. A 1 hour meeting with Rooftop Republic to understand their plans for expansion, content for their investor deck and timeline for putting a deck together.
2. Creating an eye-catching investor deck that incorporates the content and graphics provided by Rooftop Republic.
3. A 1 hour presentation to Rooftop Republic to show them your deck and wrap up the project.

Information on hand

- Brand Guidelines
- Corporate Deck Design
- Pictures
- Key graphics
- Content for an investor deck

Additional skills required

Outcome for the organization

This project will be hugely helpful for Rooftop Republic as we expand our footprint in Hong Kong and mainland China. By helping us to take an important but not urgent project off our plate - you will be assisting Rooftop Republic to get even more people involved in urban farming.

You will like this if you are

A Strategic Planner, Investment Savvy and Detail Oriented.

Project Manager

Michelle Hong Michelle Hong

Three words to describe Michelle Hong

Positive, Detail Oriented and Flexible

Fun Fact About the Project Manager

We work with our clients to donate the organic vegetable harvest from a rooftop farm project to a local foodbank.

About the organisation

Rooftop Republic Urban Farming

Rooftop Republic Urban Farming

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Community, Environment, Health & Wellbeing

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve a sustainable food eco-system through urban farming.... › read more