UX designer to advise on UX improvements to our chat app

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"Can your UX skills, help to give our users an incredible experience in our chat?"



Application Deadline

06 May 2020

Start Date

07 May 2020

End Date

31 May 2020

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Diversity & Inclusion , Education, Health & Wellbeing, Innovation, Youth




Cantonese, English

Opportunity to give back

MIND HK has been working hard to help even more Hong Kongers to protect their mental and access the resources that we need. We have been developing “Help Me” chat app powered by AI, which will assist users to quickly identify mental health information and support. We have already built a prototype and conducted initial user testing. We are looking for a UX designer to make recommendations on how to improve our UX.

The project includes:
a. A one hour briefing with Mind HK to understand the project and to ask any questions
b. Review of the app’s UX design and feedback from user testing
c. Creation of a ppt containing Recommendations for how the UX experience of the app could be improved. Your recommendations should include. (but not be limited to!) advice on improvements to look and feel of the app, navigation and mapping.
d. Presentation of final findings to MIND HK in a 1 hour wrap up meeting.

Information on hand

We have:
1) Prototype chat app
2) Information about user groups
3) Brand information.
4) Information about aims of app, tone etc.
5) Feedback from user testing

Additional skills required

English and Chinese language skills and UX experience in an app context would be highly regarded.

Outcome for the organization

In a really challenging climate, we have an unprecedented opportunity to make mental health literacy available to more Hong Kongers.

By contributing your UX skills, you will be helping us to reach out to more Hong Kongers with mental health challenges and those who care for them.

You will like this if you are

Systematic, Creative and Detail Oriented

Project Manager

Janet Yung Janet Yung

Three words to describe Janet Yung

Curious, Caring and Competitive (in sports!)

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I have skydived

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Mind HK

Mind HK

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Diversity & Inclusion , Education, Health & Wellbeing, Innovation, Youth

Our Mission

We have big ambitions to change the way that Hong Kongers engage with mental health and to use best practice developed here to lead the conv... › read more