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The Good Growth Co.

"Could your marketing skills help us to create a case study that showcases our user design experiences?"



Application Deadline

30 Mar 2020

Start Date

31 Mar 2020

End Date

21 Apr 2020

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Community, Environment, Innovation, Others, Social Sector Supporters





Opportunity to give back

We are seeking a marketer to help us show NGOs and social enterprises how reimagining their user experience can help them scale up. We have completed several projects and are looking for a marketer to help us tell out stories from a design perspective in the form of case studies. The project involves:
1) A 1 hour briefing with Good Growth to introduce the project, understand the project and the work we have completed

2) Create 2x case studies of successful UX projects. The project will include limited writing to outline key steps in the design process, and choosing graphics to present our case studies in a visual format, from the materials provided. Graphic design support may be provided if required.

3) A debriefing meeting to showcase your work.

Information on hand

We have:
- outlines of the successful case studies
- graphics, sketches and wireframes
- samples of case studies we like

Additional skills required

Outcome for the organization

Good Growth is dedicated to helping social sector organisations break through bottlenecks so they can scale up successfully. One of the major areas that we help is assisting organisations to better design their services by engaging with stakeholders. Your work will be instrumental in helping us show social sector organisations how to take a user centric approach to scaling and improving their services.

You will like this if you are

Visual, Passionate about UX and Succinct

Project Manager

Jah Ying Chung Jah Ying Chung

Three words to describe Jah Ying Chung

Inquisitive, Introspective and intuitive

Fun Fact About the Project Manager

I play Ultimate Frisbee for Hong Kong

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The Good Growth Co.

The Good Growth Co.

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Community, Environment, Innovation, Others, Social Sector Supporters

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