Christian Action - Centre for Refugees

Christian Action - Centre for Refugees

We are a home away from home for asylum seekers and refugees in Hong Kong


No. 6, 16/F, Block E, Chungking Mansions, 36-44 Nathan Road

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Community, Diversity & Inclusion , Education, Health & Wellbeing, Poverty Alleviation, Social Equality


Did you know that there are over 13,000 asylum seekers (persons applying to be recognised as refugees) currently in HK? And that on average their claims take several years to process?

Asylum seekers who are waiting for their claims to be evaluated and refugees who are awaiting resettlement in a 3rd country, live a precarious existence in our city. Asylum seekers are unable to seek work. They are dependant on limited government welfare which may amount to as little as 3000HKD per adult for rent, food and transport. Without other assistance, for many who flee to Hong Kong to escape persecution, the reality of waiting for assessment or resettlement, includes life on the poverty line, social exclusion and uncertain futures.

Our Mission

We create an inclusive community for refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong. Regardless of age, gender, nationality or religion, we believe that asylum seekers and refugees have identities beyond being persons who are seeking to escape persecution. This group has many things to offer the community and we are committed to empowering them to use the time they spend in Hong Kong to help prepare them for their futures.

Our journey so far

At Christian Action, we started our journey 35 years ago when we began serving Vietnamese refugees in Hong Kong in the 80s. So far, we have supported the well-being of over 250,000 refugees. In 2003, we established the Centre for Refugees (CFR), which is the only drop-in community center for asylum seekers and refugees in Hong Kong.

Our biggest achievement

Even in the middle of the most disruptive circumstances - there are still opportunities to thrive. COVID-19 provided us with impetus to bridge the digital divide and improve services for our clients. We are so proud to partner with several organisations to improve and accelerate learning opportunities for young refugee students using digital devices and the internet.

Why you should donate your skills to us

Not to blow our own horn, but it would be hard to find a more passionate and dedicated team in the social sector than ours. If you are looking to be inspired by what the power of dedicated community can do - you have come to the right place. Although we work with vulnerable communities trying to achieve a lot with limited resources - we achieve amazing outcomes that make tangible contributions to the lives of asylum seekers and refugees. We love working with smart people and we offer opportunities to put your practical business skills to good use through hands-on experiences with us.

Our Recent Projects

Graphic Designer to Design a Powerpoint Template

We are looking for a graphic designer to help us to refine our powerpoint template and key slides.

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25 hours

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14 Aug 2020


Copywriter to review 2 pages of copy for our English language brochure

We are seeking a copywriter to help us consolidate the tone we will use in our marketing and rewrite a 2 page...


15 hours

Start Date

02 Aug 2020


Photographer to update our photo library

We are seeking a photographer to update the Centre for Refugee's image library.

The project involves:
1. A 1...


20 hours

Start Date

29 Jul 2020

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