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We are committed to building a smarter, environmentally conscious and more sustainable city through technology driven solutions.


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Addressing climate change means that we will all need to take more action to live more sustainably. However, sometimes there is a gap between what we aspire to do and the actions that we take.

We employing psychology to incentivise people to take positive actions to create a sustainable city. Our new app rewards people with incentives from local businesses, when they take conscious actions to adopt a low carbon lifestyle.

Our Mission

We want to make people’s lives more sustainable and circular, by simplifying and incentivising a sustainable lifestyle.

If we are successful, we will have reimagined Hong Kong as a Circular Economy, that benefits the people and the planet.

Our journey so far

We were founded in 2019, as our Founder, Tim Parker, was increasingly bothered by the problem of single use plastics. Namely, that there is a lot of talk about reducing waste but not a lot of incentives for Hong Kongers to recycle or follow through with reducing their carbon footprints.

In 2020, just as coronavirus was amping up we assembled a team to build a rewards application, where users are provided with sustainable gamified challenges and rewarded with discounts at local businesses.

We have fast tracked our MVP and our pilot app is set to go live in September 2020.

Our biggest achievement

Despite the all of the challenges that clamour for Hong Kongers' attention, we have been blown away by the enthusiasm for taking a win-win approach to building a better more sustainable city.

We are extremely proud of putting together a strong team sharing a common vision and purpose to create our app, and we are also very excited by the number of forward thinking businesses who have offered to partner with us to create a sustainable rewards system.

Why you should donate your skills to us

We love experiences where everyone wins.

If volunteers work with us then they will receive:
1) An opportunity to pursue their passions and deepen their knowledge about the circular economy model

2) An opportunity to collaborate with a diverse and professional team, who respect the creativity, autonomy and contributions of volunteers. We are happy to provide letters of recommendation and referrals within our network for successful projects

3) Satisfaction that their work, will help Circular City, provide other Hong Kongers with opportunities to build a more sustainable city for us all.

Our Recent Projects

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Social Media Marketer to create launch plan for a reusable takeaway box pilot

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