Copywriter to help us to refine key components of our brand and communications

GREEN Hospitality (Soap Cycling Limited)

"Can your copywriting skills help us to better articulate our vision, mission and key messaging? "



Application Deadline

30 Apr 2020

Start Date

01 May 2020

End Date

31 May 2020

Project Type



Animals, Clean Water & Sanitation, Community, Environment, Others, Social Equality, Youth


Marketing Strategy



Opportunity to give back

After the success of 2019’s hackathon and conference, Green Hospitality is gearing up to provide even more businesses with the knowledge they need to be environmentally and socially sustainable.

One of the strengths of our team is that it is really international, with diverse native languages, perspectives, experience, and skillsets. We are very clear on the impact that we want to achieve and how we propose to get there. However, we require the assistance of an English language copywriter to help polish our core statements in English.

Information on hand

An outline of our activities
Draft mission, vision and draft key messages
Information about our brand personality
Profiles of our stakeholders

Additional skills required

A 1 hour briefing with Green Hospitality to understand the project, Green Hospitality’s brand personality and to ask any questions
Review of key components of our brand and key messages including mission, vision, values, problem statement, theory of change, value proposition, and key focus areas
3x revisions of items above .
1 hour debriefing to present your final copy to Green Hospitality

Outcome for the organization

By helping us to polish key components of our brand and key messages, you will help Green Hospitality to reach out to engage more businesses and professionals with our message of sustainability.

You will like this if you are

You are creative, a wordsmith and a great listener

Project Manager

Lucia Loposova Lucia Loposova

Three words to describe Lucia Loposova

Energetic, Organised and Reliable

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I know all the songs in the Grease movie by heart!

About the organisation

GREEN Hospitality (Soap Cycling Limited)

GREEN Hospitality (Soap Cycling Limited)

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Animals, Clean Water & Sanitation, Community, Environment, Others, Social Equality, Youth

Our Mission

We exist to turn the hospitality industry into a catalyst for sustainability. We do this by conducting advance research and incubating i... › read more