Graphic Designer to Create Brand Guidelines

GREEN Hospitality (Soap Cycling Limited)

"Can your graphic design skills help us to flesh out our brand? "



Application Deadline

31 Aug 2021

Start Date

01 Sep 2021

End Date

30 Sep 2021

Project Type



Animals, Clean Water & Sanitation, Community, Environment, Others, Social Equality, Youth


Graphic Design



Opportunity to give back

GREEN Hospitality has a new logo to celebrate our new business model. However, we need a bit of help to flesh out our branding and create brand guidelines.

The project involves:

1) A meeting with GREEN Hospitality to understand the current brand, stakeholders and logo.

2) A brand guidelines including: supplementary colours, photography guidelines, communications tone, mission, vision, values and brand personality and target audiences. We would also be grateful for some key social media post templates.

Information on hand

We have all the information you will need:
1) A creative brief
2) existing logo and key brand colours (although we will need to expand the colour palette)

Additional skills required

Outcome for the organization

GREEN Hospitality is so excited to have created a new logo, but our branding job is not complete.

By helping us to create brand guidelines that outline our identity and include a wider colour palette, photography guidelines and social media post templates, you will be helping us to convey our messages consistently to our partners.

You will like this if you are

Creative, Visual and love unpacking brand identities!

Project Manager

Lucia Loposova Lucia Loposova

Three words to describe Lucia Loposova

Energetic, Organised and Reliable

Fun Fact About the Project Manager

I know all the songs in the Grease movie by heart!

About the organisation

GREEN Hospitality (Soap Cycling Limited)

GREEN Hospitality (Soap Cycling Limited)

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Animals, Clean Water & Sanitation, Community, Environment, Others, Social Equality, Youth

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We exist to turn the hospitality industry into a catalyst for sustainability. We do this by conducting advance research and incubating i... › read more