Marketer to design a Marketing Strategy

Eldpathy Co Ltd

"Could your marketing skills help us to create a marketing strategy to engage all of our stakeholders?"



Application Deadline

17 Apr 2020

Start Date

17 Apr 2020

End Date

14 May 2020

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Diversity & Inclusion , Elderly, Social Equality


Marketing Strategy



Opportunity to give back

Eldpathy has been cultivating empathy and helping Hong Kongers understand the challenges of older citizens since 2013. However, as we have been busy creating social impact, we have not had the opportunity to create our marketing until now. We are looking to create a marketing strategy to engage all of our key stakeholders over the next year.

This project involves:
1. A Briefing with Eldpathy to understand the project, review the information available and to ask any questions
2. Review of Eldpathy’s current marketing materials
3. Creation of a marketing strategy (including a content calendar) for Eldpathy’s key stakeholders, , in a powerpoint format
4. Presentation of the final results in a 1 hour wrap up meeting with Eldpathy

Information on hand

We have:
- Profiles of key stakeholders
- Programmes and products on offer
- Case studies about social impact created.

Additional skills required

We are looking for an experienced marketer who is experienced in creating a unified marketing strategy incorporating very diverse stakeholder groups

Outcome for the organization

We have been reaching out to different stakeholder groups on individual basis as we built our social enterprise. However, now that we have a solid business model and established services, we would like to reach more people to help Eldpathy to create more impact.

By creating a coordinated marketing approach, your marketing strategy will be instrumental in helping us further our outreach, so we can help to create more empathy for the Elderly.

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Creative, Strategic and Analytical

Project Manager

Herman Chan Herman Chan

Three words to describe Herman Chan

Empathetic, Sporty and Determined

Fun Fact About the Project Manager

I was raised by my grandparents and really love being with elderly people. I therefore founded Eldpathy in 2012 when I was at college to help nurture young people’s empathy towards the elderly. I hope Hong Kong can be an age harmonious city one day.

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Eldpathy Co Ltd

Eldpathy Co Ltd

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Diversity & Inclusion , Elderly, Social Equality

Our Mission

We exist to bridge the gap between generations to create an age friendly and empathetic city. We do this by: 1. providing a unique s... › read more