Photographer to Photograph Volunteers


"Can your amazing photography skills help us to capture the creative spirit of skills based volunteering? "



Application Deadline

30 Apr 2021

Start Date

01 May 2021

End Date

31 May 2021

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Social Sector Supporters





Opportunity to give back

We are revamping our branding and are looking for a photographer to take some creative pictures of skills based volunteering.

We want to highlight the creativity involved in skills based volunteering.

The project involves:
1) A briefing with LocalMotion to understand the guidelines for the project
2) A plan for the models and resources that LocalMotion will need to assemble for the shoot
3) Photoshoot
4) Photographs with 2x revisions
5) A final presentation of your work to LocalMotion in a debrief.

Information on hand

We have:
- new brand guidelines with a new photography guidelines
- an existing original image bank that we would like to supplement with skills based volunteering pictures.

Additional skills required

Outcome for the organization

We love to offer authentic volunteering experiences and so would love to take some authentic images.

Your images will help us to reach out and engage with more professionals, charities and social enterprises - to spark more magical skills based volunteering collaborations

You will like this if you are

Visual, creative, edgy

Project Manager

Belinda  Poole Belinda Poole

Three words to describe Belinda Poole

Optimistic, Resilient and 'A Finisher'

Fun Fact About the Project Manager

I am a pretty haphazard traveller but I love living in different countries and experiencing other cultures. Hong Kong is destination number 6 for me!

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