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Use your professional skills to make a unique and valuable contribution to our community.

We match professionals with skills with charities and social enterprises with skills gaps for short term skills based volunteering projects.

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To date our volunteers have donated more than



resulting in

$1,172,774 HKD

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This is How We Work



We help charities and social enterprises identify their needs and scope out really useful short projects.



Browse and apply for projects that take less than 30 hours to complete.



Work with us to create tangible and useful deliverables using your skills.



We help you understand how your skills contributed to work of an extraordinary organization.

We Offer You Opportunities to

Use your skills to do something you can be proud of.

Work with reputable organizations.

Connect with changemakers through exclusive events and rewards.

We offer loads of choice to support impactful organizations

Do you need skilled assistance?

If you are a charity of social enterprise and want to find out how to complete more than 50 high quality marketing design and communications projects with a minimum of time and fuss

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Does your organization want to give back?

If you are a company and think that your talent would want a customized opportunity to support high quality organizations, give us a bell. All our projects can be completed within 10-30 hours and we have opportunities for both individuals and teams to contribute

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